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Tips for Keeping Tabs on the Moisture in Your Home

When humid air interacts with a cooler surface, the moisture is transformed into water droplets. Showering, cooking, washing dishes, and drying clothes are all household tasks responsible for contributing moisture to the air. Droplets can build up and trickle down onto windows, walls, and structural components. This can cause rot and paint to peel, not to mention providing a suitable habitat for mold and mildew to flourish. It’s important to limit the amount of moisture in your home in order to lessen the chances of damage occurring.

Winter is a perfect opportunity for moisture to occur. The mixture of freezing outside temperatures and the heater keeping the home warm can cause moisture to materialize. Storm doors and windows help create separation between the interior and exterior. Windows that have double-or triple-panes will add greater insulation than just singular pane windows. This would be a smart investment, not only to limit moisture production but to help your home conserve energy. Another winter time tip is to keep your curtains open to allow warmth to reach the window. This may lead to some condensation, but it’s less likely to collect in the presence of better circulation. Make sure to fit your cold-water pipes with insulation for the summer time, the difference in temperature can lead to moisture as well.

Having an air tight sealed home is an important step to keeping moisture away. Weather-stripping and caulking will keep humid air from infiltrating the house, and will improve energy efficiency. However this method will reduce airflow exiting the home as well, so if moisture is present it cannot leave. Your heating and cooling system can be a valuable tool in helping moisture levels. Gas and electric furnaces supply dry heat into rooms and thus diminish the amount of humidity. The air conditioning provides this service too, with cool air instead. Having proper air flow is essential for these systems to have an impact, so make sure that your registers are fully opened and not obstructed. It’s also crucial for the systems to be inspected and receive maintenance frequently.

There are a few other approaches to keep your home from being susceptible to mold. Installing vents in the kitchen, restroom, and other high humidity places can be helpful. If your home has crawl spaces, covering the ground with a plastic vapor barrier can be beneficial. Keeping certain houseplants such as Boston ferns, can draw moisture out of the air. If no other methods are alleviating the moisture problem, placing a dehumidifier in the troubled area is sure to help.

It’s important to lower the moisture levels to spare your home from bacteria and mold. If you are worried that your home may have moisture related problems, contact Green Home Solutions. They are a locally, family owned business that prides themselves on excellent customer service and tremendous work ethic. They exclusively use products safe for families and pets, so you can rest assured that the chemicals pose no danger. Green Home Solutions is available by appointment and provide service to all of Central Kentucky, including Lexington, Versailles, Georgetown, and Nicholasville.