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Green Home Solutions® is the only professional remediation company that combines the ANSI/IICRC standards for mold remediation with a state of the art proprietary disinfectant/fungicide that not only kills bacteria and molds, but continues to work by breaking down the allergenic protein structures into harmless amino acids.

This is accomplished through the application of our proprietary EPA registered disinfectant/ fungicide that utilizes a safe, natural blend of very specific enzymes that not only kills molds and bacteria, but goes a step further by breaking down the allergenic protein components of the spore.

Our Oceanic treatment product is an EPA registered disinfectant/fungicide that has been rigorously tested by multiple independent laboratories for efficacy and safety. For example, the EPA alone required testing of 570 individual pathogen (fungi and bacteria)samples. Oceanic successfully killed every one of them in under 10 minutes, earning additional EPA approval for use in hospitals and medical facilities.

Mold Removal

Industry Best Practices With Cutting Edge Science

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Air Testing

Know What You’re Breathing

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Air Purification

Industry Best Practices With Cutting Edge Science

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Crawl Spaces

Removing Mold Where You Can’t See It

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Odor Removal

Don’t Mask Odors – Eliminate Them

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Indoor Disinfection

EPA Registered Disinfectant

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