Indoor Disinfection

Green Home Solutions offers specialized indoor disinfection services to help maintain healthy indoor environments. Our disinfection protocols coupled with our EPA registered disinfectant and other cleaning products are ideal for high traffic locations and can often be completed within a single day.

What is Indoor Disinfection?

In short, a disinfectant is an agent that kills or inhibits pathogenic organisms. However, it is important to know the difference between cleaning and disinfecting a surface. Cleaning refers to removing germs and dirt from a surface. It is helpful in preventing the spread of bacteria and germs because it reduces the quantity of those things on a surface. Disinfecting, however, refers to the use of EPA registered products to kill germs and bacteria on surfaces. The best approach is to clean a surface followed by disinfection. Green Home Solutions has an EPA registered general disinfectant solution and other cleaning products that can be used based on the needs of your specific application.

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General Disinfection Services

Our general disinfection services will treat your home or business with our EPA registered disinfectant and use our mandated protocols to keep your home or business safe. Each home or business is unique and we will work with each occupant uniquely to meet needs of the people and animals that utilize the space. Contact us today.

The Disinfection Process:

Our technician treats your home or business while wearing personal protection equipment (PPE). We will manually clean all high contact surfaces with a high quality environmentally friendly cleaner, followed by a treatment of the home or business with our EPA registered disinfectant which uses a proprietary blend of plant-based enzymes, known as Oceanic.

This process will take some time depending on the size of the space, and occupants will need to remain away from the home or business for a few hours to let the products do their job. Once complete, this process will reset the indoor environment to a neutral state.

Our Product

Oceanic is an EPA registered disinfectant/fungicide that has been rigorously tested by multiple independent laboratories for efficacy and safety. For example, the EPA alone required testing of 570 individual pathogen (fungi and bacteria) samples. Oceanic successfully killed every one of them in under 10 minutes, earning additional EPA approval for use in hospitals and medical facilities.

Oceanic has been used for professional mold remediation and disinfection since 2005 without a single reported adverse reaction as long as the client vacated the treated area for the recommended time. While Oceanic is comprised of mainly natural ingredients, all natural formulations require a preservative in order to have a shelf life of more than a few days (think about how long a ripe banana will last on your counter before turning brown). Oceanic contains a small amount (0.002) of a synthesized version of a chemical compound that occurs naturally in grapefruit seeds. This preserves the formula to give it a more realistic shelf life. This particular compound, commonly referred to as a “quat”, is used in eye drops and nasal sprays, in water towers, food contact surfaces, in dairies and food processing plants and more. And directly from the EPA: “It is not known to be carcinogenic, mutagenic or teratogenic and the risk from even chronic exposure to low levels is considered minimal and without consequence to human health. It is biodegradable, does not bioaccumulate, has a very short half-life, and rapidly becomes biologically inert. It’s influence on the environment is considered not significant. Contact us today.

Where can Our Indoor Disinfection Services be Used?

Our indoor disinfection services are ideal for homes and a wide variety of business. We’ve utilized this indoor disinfectant in a variety of locations to improve indoor air quality including:

– Homes
– Schools
– Sports facilities
– Gyms and fitness centers
– Offices, warehouses, and other places of business

It is important to note that a disinfected area CAN be re-infected by people visiting after the disinfection services take place. We highly recommend a service schedule that treats your business on a regular basis.

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