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We know our focus is usually on mold and how it relates to indoor air quality, but believe it or not, we know a thing or two about disinfection as well. The product involved in our mold remediation process is also an EPA registered disinfectant and so we are up to speed on proper techniques and products for disinfection. We are sharing some basics with you because…you know… 

First it is important to know the difference between cleaning and disinfecting a surface. Cleaning refers to removing germs and dirt from a surface. It is helpful in preventing the spread of bacteria and germs because it reduces the quantity of those things on a surface. Disinfecting, however, refers to the use of chemicals to kill germs and bacteria on surfaces. The best approach is to clean a surface followed by disinfection. 

Always use an EPA registered product for disinfection. Pay attention to the directions on each product. Be sure to consider dwell times for each product. A general misconception is that disinfection occurs with a simple wipe and spray of a disinfection product. There are additional steps in the process. In many cases, the disinfectant should be applied to a surface and allowed to stay on that surface for a period of time before being wiped away. Always remember to protect yourself during the process as well. Follow guidelines for wearing protective gloves and limiting contact between skin and some products. Also take note of the types of surfaces on which each product is best suited. The use of peroxide-based or bleach products may stain or discolor fabrics or other porous surfaces. 

It is important to disinfect commonly touched surfaces such as doorknobs, light switches, remotes, keyboards, cell phones, countertops and faucet handles, etc. on an ongoing basis. Remember that disinfection products do not provide residual benefits. Because a surface has been disinfected does not mean that it cannot be contaminated again. It may be helpful to develop a regular routine around disinfecting commonly touched surfaces with additional cleaning as needed. 

If you are considering use of a professional service for general disinfection services, there are many to choose from and doing your research on methods, products and applications can help to determine the right fit for your home or business. Ask questions about types of products, what is included in the service, required PPE, and when it is safe to enter a space following disinfection. There are lots of services to consider and each has its unique benefits. Green Home Solutions of Central Kentucky provides general disinfection services that could be the right fit for your home or business. As always, we are happy to answer questions and help in any way we can!

When it comes to disinfection, the CDC is our source, and the best source for accurate information. Follow guidelines, do your research and empower yourself! 

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*Pertaining to COVID-19; information regarding the virus is continuously updated. Always refer to the CDC for guidelines to protect yourself and your family*