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The Difference Between Mold That Is Black and “Black Mold”

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Having mold in your home is never good, but it doesn’t have to be a death sentence for your house. However, it is something that you want taken care of as soon as possible. Because let’s be honest, nobody likes icky, potentially dangerous mold invading their beautiful homes and clean air! At Green Home Solutions, we want the air in your home to be as fresh and as clean as it can possibly be. So if you’re having a mold issue, don’t worry. We’re here to help you out!

Mold in the Media

As we all may know, the media can blow things a little bit out of proportion sometimes. And the same is true when it comes to talking about “deadly” black mold. This type of mold has gotten a bad reputation from over exaggerations in the media. While this mold can be extremely dangerous to your health, some types of black mold aren’t necessarily as lethal as the media plays it out to be. If you see mold that is black in your home, you don’t have to panic. Mold that is black in color isn’t always deadly to your health. In fact, it might even be close to harmless. That’s why it’s important to understand that there is a difference between mold that is black in color and “black mold.” But regardless of whether or not it’s potentially toxic, it’s still definitely not something you want growing in your home!

How to Tell the Difference

So now you might be asking yourself, how do I tell the difference between black mold and mold that is black? The answer is simple: you can’t. This answer may be troubling to hear, but it’s the truth! According to Moldman, there are more than 100,000 species of mold that come in just about any size, shape and color that you can imagine. This is why it makes it nearly impossible to tell the difference between toxic black mold and mold that is black just by looking with your naked eye. To be certain about what type of mold you have, it needs to be tested in a lab with a microscope. Only then can you be 100 percent certain. But if you can already see the mold growing in your home, it makes testing it pointless. The only thing that you can do at that point is to get rid of it! And at Green Home Solutions, we can help you do just that.

Black mold is a little misunderstood to say the least, but we hope that we’ve cleared things up for you a little bit. All mold, regardless of color, should be removed from your home safely and as soon as possible following the Mold Removal Guidelines. So, if you’re having a mold problem, count on Green Home Solutions to help you out. We’re located in Versailles, Kentucky, but we also proudly serve Central Kentucky including Lexington, Georgetown and Nicholasville.