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Deck the Halls, We Will Deck The Allergens

It’s that time of year again! The leaves have all fallen, the winter coats are out and we’re all heading indoors to stay warm while preparing for the holiday season. There are lots of things to love about these colder months from holiday decorations and more time with family, to cozy fires and hot chocolate. However, just as synonymous with these colder months are stuffy noses, coughs and all the joys of flu season.

We like to blame our winter colds and allergy symptoms solely on the colder weather and the spreading of germs that goes hand in hand with spending more time indoors, but there is more to the story and it begins with indoor air quality.

When temperatures drop we head indoors, where we spend about 90% of our time. Closing the windows and turning on the heat result in more warmth for us, but can cause a significant decline in our indoor air quality. The molds, dust, pet dander and other allergy triggers that cause us to suffer are trapped inside with us all winter long. Those molds find their way inside on our fresh cut or stored Christmas trees, the greenery we drape over the fireplace and on our shoes as we walk through the decaying leaves outside. The decorations we bring out of storage are likely covered in a healthy layer of dust and if you have pets, you’ll experience an increase in pet dander as our pets spend less time outside.

All of these factors and many, many more like the cleaning supplies we use and the candles we burn can have a negative impact on the air quality in your home. Combine these irritants with the natural uptick in cold and flu symptoms during the colder months and your chances of sneezing your way through the holiday season dramatically increase.

Green Home Solutions has a variety of safe, affordable products and services that can help you breathe easy this winter.

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