So how can your crawl space threaten your family’s health and your home’s structure? Over time, important structural wood elements including beams and piers rot and weaken. Left untreated, this moisture encourages mold growth and when air in the crawl space infiltrates your home, mold spores and mildew make their way into your air causing respiratory problems, skin rashes, and other medical conditions.

At GHS, we’re passionate about providing safe and effective treatments that maintain the structural integrity of your home, and more importantly, the health of your family. Our commitment to safe and affordable mold solutions doesn’t stop with the living areas of your home. We offer the same quality services and products when dealing with mold in crawlspaces and attics. We offer mold removal, mold stain removal and vapor barrier installation at a price you can afford.

Mold Removal

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Air Testing

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Crawl Spaces

Removing Mold Where You Can’t See It

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Odor Removal

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