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6 Healthy Habits to Continue After Coronavirus Lockdown is Over

If there is one thing this pandemic has shown us, it is the importance of cleanliness and hygiene. All of the trivial things your mom told you to do as a kid apply now more than ever. Many people are focused on the coronavirus and how to stop it (as they should be) but this wasn’t the first virus and it certainly won’t be the last. This article will outline six healthy habits you should continue even after this virus has passed.


Wash Hands before you leave the house and as soon as you get home.

The goal is to wash your hands as frequently as possible. Wash your hands after leaving any place and after using the bathroom. The problem is there is not always a place to do so or you just forget. This is why washing your hands before you leave your house and as soon as you get home is a good minimum to shoot for. Washing your hands before you leave the house limits the pathogens and germs in your house from being transmitted to people outside your home. Washing your hands as soon as you get home limits the transmission of germs or pathogens from the outside world to your home.


Limit touching people outside your home

Yes we all love a good hug or a good handshake but, if at all possible, limit those actions to as few people as possible. Certain viruses and pathogens, like the coronavirus, are easily transmitted. A good way to slow transmission is to limit unnecessary contact with others.


Carry hand sanitizer with you or in your car

This follows along the same lines as washing your hands frequently. Having a bottle of hand sanitizer on hand or in your car can make it easy to keep your hands clean when moving from place to place. This not only helps prevent the transmission of disease to you but also from you.


Regular temperature checks

As you’ve probably heard from the CDC, members of the coronavirus task force, and people who work in the medical profession, regular temperature checks are a quick and easy way to help gauge potential infection and prevent the spread of viruses. While it’s not the most effective, considering people can be contagious without running a fever, the quickness and simplicity of it are well worth the benefits, even if they may be limited.


Avoid touching your face

DO NOT TOUCH YOUR FACE. As hard as this can be, it is very important to be aware of it. The less often you touch your face, the fewer opportunities there will be for a virus to infect you before you get the chance to wash your hands. It’s a simple concept that can be hard to put into practice but try your best.


Disinfect homes and offices frequently

Disinfect the places you spend a lot of time on a REGULAR BASIS. Ideally you would disinfect the office anytime you or someone else left and/or came in but we all know that is unrealistic. Try to disinfect things as you use them and keep your hands clean to help limit the need for other disinfection. We at Green Home Solutions recommend at MINIMUM, a thorough cleaning and disinfection once every three months.