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What You Need to Know About Indoor Allergies This Winter

Allergies are not just a problem in the summer, as indoor allergies can plague you in the winter too. Here are some common triggers of indoor allergies.

The most common aggravator of allergy and asthma symptoms is dust mites, which are miniscule insects. They thrive in environments of high humidity and temperatures. Dust mites prefer soft furnishings, like bedding, but can be found virtually anywhere in your home. They do not bite, so you will not be left with any puncture marks. Washing your bedding every seven to ten days in 130 degree temperatures, will help ward off dust mites. It is recommended to use allergen-proof encasings for your pillows, box springs, and mattresses.

Your pet can be the source of your indoor allergies. Hypoallergenic dogs and cats do not exist, so it is important to find out if you’re allergic before getting a pet. The dander pets shed can trigger symptoms for those who are allergic. If you already have a pet, try to minimize contact, and keep them from areas you spend lots of time. Vacuuming often can help, as well as replacing carpet with hardwood, linoleum, or tile flooring. For long-term relief, speak with your allergist about allergy immunotherapy.

The growth of indoor mold typically thrives in dark and damp environments, such as basements or bathrooms. Any moisture leaks can also produce mold. Leaky roofs or pipes should be repaired and sealed. Dehumidifiers can be useful in high humidity areas. Basements should not have carpet flooring because in the event of flooding, the carpet will retain the moisture. Proper ventilation and cleaning will deter the growth of mold. Once mold or mildew is present, it releases tiny spores that cause indoor allergy symptoms. If the mold spreads over a ten square feet area, it is time to contact a professional.

Cockroaches may be the source of your allergy problem in the winter. They are more prevalent in cities and in the southern United States. According to the EPA, cockroaches are a big instigator of asthma within the inner-city population. Allergens are found within the feces and saliva of this pest. If you have only seen one cockroach in your home, that traditionally means more are present. Make sure all your food is kept in sealed containers, and promptly clean up after eating. Leaky pipes and faucets should be fixed immediately, as the cockroaches will rely on this water to survive.

The symptoms of allergies resemble the symptoms of colds, but there are differences. Someone with indoor allergies will experience a runny nose with clear, watery secretions. Their eyes will feel itchy. The symptoms will persist for weeks rather than just seven days. The best way to discover the triggers for your allergies is to visit an allergist.

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