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What You Need to Know About Mold


Mold problems in your home or business can be very stressful. With Green Home Solutions we want to offer you the best experience possible with our mold removal treatment. What do you need to know about mold before contacting us to remove it from your home?

Mold is a type of fungus, and it can be prevalent both indoors and outdoors. It can grow in numerous areas and on many different kinds of surfaces. Mildew is a common mold known by many people, as any area prone to moisture can harbor mold. Mold reproduces by the production and release of spores that travel through the air; if your home or business is contaminated, there is a good chance that you are breathing in the unseen spores.

You can’t always see the mold in your home, and this is why it is essential to act quickly when it is seen. Mold can grow on walls, in air vents, or on the edges of flooring but it is not always visible. Sometimes even with visible mold, you might not realize it is even there. Mold can look like white threads or like black and green-gray spots or clusters. Mold hiding behind wallpaper can even look pink, orange or purple. Many times a home or business owner does not recognize what they are looking at when they see mold growth. If small amounts of mold are seen it is very important to act quickly to remove all of the mold, visible or invisible. If there is visible mold it is very likely there is a larger mold colony growing out of sight.

Mold is dangerous. It is associated with many different health issues, symptoms, and illnesses. Mold in your home can be very serious for elderly people with respiratory problems and it can also be very harmful to children and babies with developing lungs. People who have had specific hazardous types of mold infestations including black mold typically report signs of headaches, trouble concentrating, respiratory problems, dizziness and allergy like symptoms. Usually symptoms decrease once a person is no longer around the mold, however immune system problems can linger. If your symptoms increase in severity when in certain buildings or areas it is possible you could have a mold predicament that needs to be treated promptly. It is important to act quickly when dealing with mold to prevent illness and infections.

Mold can ruin your furniture. Couches, carpets and tables can be attacked and ruined with mold. It may be hard to clean, and once it is cleaned it may not be possible to return your furniture back to its original beauty. It can be frustrating and costly to replace items in your home or business that are infected with mold.

At Green Home Solutions we will make mold removal treatment simple and less disruptive to your daily life. We proudly serve all of Central Kentucky, including Lexington, Versailles, Georgetown, and Nicholasville. Green Home Solutions is a friendly locally owned business with honesty and integrity. Your satisfaction is our priority. Get back to your regular home or work routine earlier with Green Home Solution’s mold removal treatment. Give us a call today and simplify your frustrating mold dilemma quickly.