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Unlike other mold removal companies, Green Home Solutions® is committed to doing business differently. We strive to provide the highest level of customer care in the industry and utilize innovative, eco-friendly treatment products to quickly identify and eliminate mold and odor issues at the source.

What differentiates GHS from conventional remediators is the ability to preserve more building materials and to eradicate non visible mold spores. The services offered by Green Home Solutions are guaranteed to be Safe, Affordable, Fast and Effective.

There are others in the market that provide services similar to ours, but we are the first focusing on doing it the safe and effective way! So whenever you have any Indoor Air Concerns, THINK GREEN! And give us a call. You’ll be glad you did!

Welcome to the Green Home Family

When you suspect mold, mildew, and other odorous hazards in your home, Green Home Solutions is the name you can trust to quickly handle the problem and protect the integrity of your home or business.

Green Home Solutions® (GHS) is a professional mold remediation service company. GHS’s certified technicians utilize a multifaceted approach to restore a building’s indoor environment to a state of normal fungal ecology. While specific protocols may vary from project to project, the underlying basis follows guidelines from the ANSI/ IICRC S520 and EPA, which provide for the health and safety of workers and occupant’s, correcting the underlying moisture problem, controlling the contamination at the source, and removing the contamination. These include necessary engineering controls and work practices with appropriate PPE and respiratory protection. Initial moisture control, containment, air scrubbers and/or negative air and HEPA vacuuming are incorporated as needed.

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